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Stadium Cards and Comics


Magic: The Gathering

*We offer Magic: The Gathering booster packs, sealed boxes, singles, game supplies, and much more!

*We have weekly Magic: The Gathering tournaments, as well as special events like pre-release and PPTQ's!  

*Check out our store calendar or on facebook/twitter for more information.

*We buy Magic: The Gathering singles and collections.  Stop by or call to setup an appointment for us to look at your collection.  We are committed to giving our customers the best price in the area!                                         

Monday: 6:30 PM High Roller Modern for $10.
Tuesday: 5 PM - 8 PM Open Game Night (Free)
Wednesday: 6:30 PM Booster Draft for $14
Thursday: 6:30 PM Modern for $5.
Friday: 6:30 PM FNM Booster Draft for $14.
Saturday: Standard Showdown at 12 PM for $5.
Saturday: Legacy at 2 PM for $5.
Saturday: Special Events, see facebook (
Sunday: Casual Commander at 12 PM/Noon (free!).
Sunday: Special Events, see calendar.